sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2013

Yay! Satsuki Momoi cosplay!

Ok, ok. It's not finished yet! 

See... miss the right socks, lens, shoes, and the tie.

But if we take photos from side, it's not tha bad.

Or, cut my legs of the photo and put my arms in front of where would be the tie...

Now it's good............... wait... lens. ç_ç

domingo, 6 de janeiro de 2013


If nobody stands in between me and my noodle, nobody stands between me and Haruma. 

He's so cute! Even smelling a flower .-.

Ok, if you don't know him: he is Haruma Miura an actor and singer. 5 years older then I <3 He's japanese. And I saw him for the first time in Kimi Ni Todoke the live action. He was Kazehaya-kun :3 I wish I was Mikako Tabe, she was Sawako.

He was so cute. Waaaa *w*
I watched this movie and I could not forget his face. It's like the Kazehaya in real life!

He's really funny. He has a best friend and they do everything together.

Even sleep. HAHAHAHA Sorry I love this photo.

I think that isn't to much to ask for a boyfriend like him. Is it?
u_u I don't care. Let me dream.

That's it. I just wanted to show you guys my platonic crush.

Yeah, I know how to cook an amazing noodle.

Nobody stands in between me and my noodle.

This is the only thing I can cook!
Sorry world! 

Once I tried to cook cookies and... oh god, it was just... terrible! The smell, the taste, savor, everything!
So I'm eating it now XD

Nina the sleepy cat.

This is my "little" cute cat... Nina!

She was sleeping on the couch and I woke up her ç_ç

Then she tried to hit me but she was too sleepy :3

So she turned back to sleep :3


sábado, 5 de janeiro de 2013

Yay! Introducing me!

This is... me. No, this is my Momoi cosplay but It's... me.

Oh, always complicate. I'm 17 years old, cosplayer, brazilian and all this introducing things.
I'll post about every single thing. What I've seen on street, highschool, my friends, what I do, what I eat, photos and more photos, music, manga, anime, celtic things, movies, books, well, a lot of things.

I like to edit photos. But make crazy editions XD What? I think it's fun.
I love draw. I'm not good on it yet but I'm making my best to be a awesome mangaka.
I like cosplay too... a lot.

This is my Medusa's cosplay, from Soul Eater. She really scares me ç_ç But she's awesome and evil. It isn't the complete cosplay, I'll finish it soon then I'll show you guys.

This is complete. My Kuronuma's cosplay. I really like her. Ok, this photo is super edited, but is the efect. I'll  show you the original, still cute.

See... I'm just beautiful on the first photo. XD

Oh, ok I'll stop with it. I hope you guys enjoy my blog. I thing It'll be the first one I'll really... invest (?)
I didn't talked about a lot of things because today I passed sat down here doing this blog and a new tumblr and editing photos to post on my account on WorldCosplay, so... Sorry ^^'

Tomorrow I'll say something relevant! I promise! See ya!

PS. If my English writing is wrong, punch me in the face.