domingo, 6 de janeiro de 2013


If nobody stands in between me and my noodle, nobody stands between me and Haruma. 

He's so cute! Even smelling a flower .-.

Ok, if you don't know him: he is Haruma Miura an actor and singer. 5 years older then I <3 He's japanese. And I saw him for the first time in Kimi Ni Todoke the live action. He was Kazehaya-kun :3 I wish I was Mikako Tabe, she was Sawako.

He was so cute. Waaaa *w*
I watched this movie and I could not forget his face. It's like the Kazehaya in real life!

He's really funny. He has a best friend and they do everything together.

Even sleep. HAHAHAHA Sorry I love this photo.

I think that isn't to much to ask for a boyfriend like him. Is it?
u_u I don't care. Let me dream.

That's it. I just wanted to show you guys my platonic crush.

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